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The activity of our company is to provide professional and qualified legal services. With the involvement of leading experts, the chances of achieving optimal results in resolving issues related to legal regulation in various spheres of life and business are significantly increased. Competent counseling allows you to understand the specifics of the problem, as well as find the only correct legal solution in any unforeseen situation.

Thanks to legal support at all stages of pre-trial investigation and participation in the resolution of disputes and conflict situations in civil, economic and administrative proceedings, comprehensive and competent satisfaction of the needs of our clients is provided.

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ellen lawyers

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Consultation on legal issues for patients and doctors. Medical lawyer services. Legal assistance to doctors.


How to save mortgage property? How to restructure? How to restructure? How to invalidate a loan agreement? How to freeze a bank loan? How to win a lawsuit with the bank? Executive service and solving mortgage loan problems Notary's executive inscription Protection of owner's rights Protection of borrower's rights Debt on microloan Repurchase of credit obligations Bankruptcy of an individual Bank filed a lawsuit on a mortgage loan Auction for forced sale of property


Як врятувати іпотечне майно? Як зробити реструктурізацію? Як провести реструктуризацію? Як визнати недійсним кредитний договір? Як заморозити кредит в банку? Як виграти суд з банком? Виконавча служба та вирішення проблем з іпотечним кредитом Виконавний напис нотаріуса Захист прав власника Захист прав позичальника Борг по мікрозайму Викуп кредитних зобов’язань Банкрутство фізичної особи Банк подав до суду по іпотечному кредиту Аукціон по примусовому продажу майна


“Reliable, proven, qualified legal services. Decency and willingness to understand the most difficult situation. You will be able to get both a brief consultation and ensure full representation in court."


Company registration, Debt collection, Debt repayment, Representation of interests in court, Support of commercial disputes in court, Rapid liquidation of enterprises, Legal support of agreements, Intellectual Property, Compliance, Corporate law / M&A, Liquidation of the enterprise, Licenses, Customs consultations and disputes, Non-profit organizations, Tax disputes, Subscriber legal service, Antitrust and competition law, Audit, Banking law and finance, Enforcement, Change and re-registration of enterprises, Intellectual Property, Tenders


Aviation, Automotive industry, Agro industry, Banks and financial companies, Construction and real estate, Energy, Infrastructure and transport, Light industry, International trade, Oil and gas industry, Support of agreements and investment projects, Energy, Advertising and design, Pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Investment promotion and project activities, Insurance


Legal services for business of foreign companies in Ukraine, Temporary residence permit on the territory of Ukraine, Permanent residence permit in Ukraine, Employment permit in Ukraine, Investing by foreign citizens in Ukraine, Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, Obtaining TIN for foreigners in Ukraine, Registration of a foreign representative office on the territory of Ukraine, Registration of an enterprise with foreign investment, Legal advice for foreigners in Ukraine

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The Law Firm’s EllenLawyers зорієнтована на допомогу бізнесу і некомерційним організаціям у вирішенні значного кола питань в області корпоративного і суміжного прав.
Основне наше відмінність – це професіоналізм, гнучкість і достовірна подача реальності нашим клієнтам і діловим партнерам.

Коли варто звернутися до адвоката по цивільних справах? Захист інтересів у цивільних справах. Адвокатська допомога для розвитку бізнесу

Коли можна оскаржити кредитний договір? Наслідки визнання недійсним кредитного договору. Арешт судом заставного майна. Що робити коли в банк ввели тимчасову адміністрацію?

Сімейний адвокат Київ. Особливості практики в сфері сімейного права. Сімейні справи пов’язані з розлученням. Питання щодо поділу майна подружжя. Аліменти.

Правовий захист у разі дорожньо-транспортних пригод. Захист інтересів громадян у випадку ДТП. Оформлення європротоколу.

Representation in court. Lawyer.

Registration of enterprises

Legal and notarial support of agreements

Our clients are always sure:
in the successful implementation of any of our proposed solutions;
in full consideration of all possible options for resolving the issue;
as well as awareness of the impacts that each decision can have.
By contacting our company you will receive a professional solution to the problem, implemented based on the features and all the subtleties of your situation, optimal in time and financial costs, the most functional for the implementation of your organization in the future.

To gain an understanding of the situation and possible methods and options for overcoming it, we offer you a free oral consultation in the office of our company. Free consultation will allow you to formulate questions competently, to understand urgency and options of their decision.
Timely recourse to qualified legal assistance minimizes the financial costs of removing a company from the situation and eliminates many causes of headaches in the management of such companies.


Matvii Podhainyi


Education: specialty – jurisprudence, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Iryna Davydenko


Education: specialty – jurisprudence, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Mariya Prasolova


Head of the branch in Odesa

Education: specialty – lawyer, Faculty: International Economics and Law, Kryvyi Rih Institute of Economics, Kyiv National University of Economics

Valentyna Strilets


Education: specialty – accounting and auditing, Kyiv National University of Economics named after Vadym Hetman, Kyiv

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Вирішили питання з податковою Голосіївського району м. Києва. Оскарження неправомірного нарахування штрафних санкцій
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Підготовка Статуту та ін. документів для реєстрації підприємства, проведення реєстрації та юридичний супровід
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Consultation on tax accounting, tax consultant
Legal services
Registration of FO-P, LLC, JSC, OJSC, termination of activity, etc.
Divorce through the court, motherhood
Urgent divorce, registration of marriages with foreigners, name change
Real estate transactions
Purchase, sale, preparation and evaluation of documents, participation in the tender
Employment permit for foreigners to work in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.

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Appeal against the tax decision
Conclusion from the seizure of property, VAT refund, support of inspections
Appeals against rulings
Auto lawyer, urgent call of a lawyer to the scene of the accident, reparation
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Assistance in drafting a lawsuit, filing a lawsuit, appealing decisions, appeals
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